A Typical Marathi Wedding at a Glance

As compared to any next-door Indian wedding, the Marathi wedding rituals are grand and extravagant. Marathi wedding ceremonies are high on rituals and are strictly executed in the presence of Lord Ganesha. The wedding goes on for many days, thanks to the abundance of rituals – pre wedding, wedding ceremony and post wedding rituals. Some of the pre-wedding rituals are engagement, Kelvan, Mehendi, Haldi and Seemant Puja. The amazing part about these rituals is that these come to pass only in the morning hours and they can be arranged for you by just about any elite matchmaking service or any Indian matchmaking services.

In the first step of a Marathi wedding, a popular Marathi custom is performed which is called as ‘Ukhana’. In this custom, both the bride and the groom chant each other’s names in a rhyming verse that is especially composed as per the prevailing traditions. This ritual also involves teasing by the family members from both sides – what fun! This custom is enjoyed repeatedly by all close family members till the time the final wedding takes place.

Among the pre-wedding rituals, chuda is a traditional ceremony for the bride. In this ceremony, the bride’s friends put special green bangles together for the bride as green color is considered auspicious amongst Marathis. It is then followed by the Mehendi ceremony which is an important part of most Indian weddings. Another festivity pre-arranged a couple before the wedding day which is called as the Kelvam. It is a feast arranged at both the families’ places for the family members and joining guests. Next comes the Seemant Puja which takes place on the same day as the main wedding, although it is usually arranged just before the wedding when the groom and his baratis are welcomed by the bride’s mother and other companions at the wedding venue. As a part of this ritual, the bride’s mother washes the groom’s feet and applies a kumkum tilak on his forehead. This is further followed by a short engagement ceremony and lavish dinner. You can reach a trusted Indian matchmaking service to put together all of this for you.

Post the pre-wedding festivities; it is time for the wedding ceremony. According to most elite matchmaking services, Marathi weddings are glitzy and to reflect the same, the marriage venue is decorated with glittering lights and beautiful flower arrangements. Kanyadaan is also a part of Marathi wedding as similar to all Indian weddings. It is considered to be the biggest donation in the entire marriage ceremony. The Mangalsutra ritual is also performed where the bride and the groom take mutual oath in the presence of sacred fire and priests. Mantras are recited by priests as a practice to invite gods from the heaven to bless the newly weds. Another special ritual that forms a part of most Marathi weddings is the ‘Saptapadi’, also called as the seven steps taken together around the sacred fire.

The post wedding rituals are basic but considered important in the Marathi wedding system. It includes the Lakshmi Puja and Grahapravesh. Grahapravesh is same like any other Indian wedding where the new couple is welcomed with their right foot step first by the groom’s mother. In the Lakshmi Puja, the couple performs Aarti of Goddess Lakshmi and later on, the husband blesses the wife with a new name.
If you want to know more about Marathi weddings and its rituals in detail, you can consult elite matchmaking services or reputable Indian matchmaking services located near you.

5 Reasons Why Pre-Wedding Background Checks Are Essential

Online background checks are life savers. I have heard from both men and women, professionals and home-makers and others from all walks of life. So i have decided to publish a list of the top 5 reasons that the bulk of the “Thank you ” emails i receive contain. I hope this enlightens you and possibly saves even one person from a life changing mistake, and in 99% of the cases all you need is a name and city or birth-date. Social security numbers are seldom needed and in some cases can be obtained from the search.

1. Undisclosed Debt by One or the other parties: I cant even count the number of emails i have received from individuals wishing they had done a credit check or online background check before the wedding. I will just give the general jist of one of these emails that i distinctly remember. A man wrote me and told me that he married a woman with over $35,000 in past credit card debt that she never disclosed to him before they were married. He only found out after the marriage when they went to find lending to purchase a house, which they were denied. In finding this huge sum of debt attached to himself as well as his new wife he ended the marriage, not because of the actual debt but because of the character flaw that he wasn’t aware of. “if she can lie about that she can lie about anything.” The debt he married into is still legally his even though the deceitful spouse isn’t. I have about 100 such stories in my gmail account memory. When you marry someone in debt you are agreeing to share that debt, knowingly or otherwise.

2. Abusive Behavior: I received an email from a woman in Tampa, Florida thanking me for saving her from an abusive man that she planned to marry but changed her mind weeks before the wedding. Apparently the future spouse had several domestic abuse cases in his file from 2 different marriages. The woman was unaware of any of this and only knew about one previous marriage. As a plus to this potential wedding made in hell he didn’t take her calling off the marriage well at all and forced her to leave the state to get away from the man. And ironically parole from one of the cases kept the man from leaving the state to harass her in her new state. She recently wrote me to tell me that she is now remarried and living a wonderful life so far. The ex was rearrested for beating on his girlfriend and parole violations. Of course she did a complete background check on her new husband using the guise of preparing early to seek financing for their post marriage home. “your service saved my life, thank you.”

3. Registered Sex offender: Even though this is one of the most common emails i get, they still affect me the hardest. I have received upwards of 200 emails where the sender ran a background check on their spouse or fiancee and found out they were registered sex offenders from other states, some on the run. One lady even found out that her fiancees name wasn’t even his name but his deceased brothers. She sent him to prison after discreetly turning him in. I have not heard from her since the email but I wrote a complete article about her bravery a few months back.I actually still get happy from these types of emails. It makes me feel a little like a hero, even though the people who send them are.

4. Criminal record, past or present: This is the #1 subject in the emails i receive and its also an obvious subject. If i had a quarter for all the people who found out that their significant others were criminals or had criminal records, i could open up a skyscraper in New York city and go head to head with Donald trump.

5. Lies or undisclosed personal information: I particularly remember one woman in Texas or Louisiana, cant remember which, but her soon to be husband had solicited a male prostitute just a month before she ran the check and 6 months before they were scheduled to marry. I felt pretty bad for her on that one, that one really got to me because they had been together for years before they decide to marry. The kids make it sadder.

Well now you know the Top 5 reasons why background checks saves lives before a marriage.

Pre-Wedding Checklist For Brides Planning Their Big Day

Rachel was greatly anticipating the day when she and Scott would finally get married. It was just a few days after their engagement when Rachel began to focus on all the preparations for the big day. This was a day she had anticipated since she was a very little girl, so therefore, she had decided on a few things over the years, long before she had even met the man of her dreams. For instance, she knew she wanted to marry her husband on a warm, sandy beach, with her family and closest friends standing close by. With that hope in mind, she started making the calls necessary to arrange a beautiful Santa Barbara wedding, complete with sand, warmth, and sunshine. This location would be perfect for her and Scott and for all the invited guests they hoped would be able to attend. With the location chosen, Rachel set about taking care of the specific details of the ceremony, as well as the honeymoon. Living in Montecito she was not overly familiar with the professionals in her neighboring town. However, she found just the right destination wedding photographers, catering service, and florist. She knew, though, that finding these capable professionals was just the beginning. The following is a very helpful pre-nuptials checklist for all those brides who are trying to manage the details of an upcoming ceremony. Whether you are getting married in your hometown or a dream location, staying on top of all the details and coordinating all the plans is essential to a perfect ceremony.

1. Dress/Shoe selection

2. Tuxedo selection

3. Bridesmaid/Groomsmen attire

4. Invitation selection/mailing

5. Cake

6. Venue

7. Reception facility

8. Bridal party gifts

9. Picture/Video services

10. Floral services

11. Clergy official

12. Catering services

Each of the preceding category headings is likely to have one, if not several sub-categories. For instance, invitation selection is a great first step, but knowing the proper way to address them and the proper time frame for mailing and receiving replies is essential for giving final counts to caterers and facility management. In the case of ceremony venue and reception facility there are many decor and set up options to work through after the initial selection. Sampling creations from the chosen caterer can take several weeks to several months, depending on the type of food and beverage you will be providing for guests. Perhaps the biggest key to feeling in control of all the details is to contact professional service providers as early as possible. Preferable dates fill quickly and providers, particularly those with the best reputations, are often booked well in advance. Having the opportunity to develop a comfortable relationship with all the providers involved in your ceremony details will give you confidence when the big day arrives. Knowing that your chosen florist, caterer, and officiant will perform their duties with skill and excellence will help your ceremony be a beautiful day to remember for all the right reasons. Whether or not you choose to work with a special event coordinator, there will be certain decision that only you alone can make.

How to Survive Stressful Wedding Preparations and The Pre-wedding Blues

Ask any girl about her fantasy wedding and you’ll get fantastic ideas and rose-colored dreams of lacy bridal gowns, fabulous wedding cakes, and of course, the handsome groom. There’s little thought for the grunt work that goes to make a lovely wedding, the planning, the shopping, and choices for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Here are some tips to make your wedding preparation hassle-free.

Behind the Fairy Tale Scene

The bride floats down the aisle in gossamer and silk. She is as radiant and as pretty as the freshest bloom. The groom looks crisp and nutty in his tuxedo. Nobody can suspect they went through hell and back with the wedding preparations. Here’s just a partial list of the things they had to go over:

* Ceremony sites

* Bridal fashions

* Tuxedo

* Jewelers

* Choice of bridesmaid and groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearer

* Accommodations for guests

* Catering

* Wedding cake

* Decorations

* Photography

* Videography

* Invitations

* Honeymoon

* Rental Services

* Registry

* Music

* Reception Facilities

* Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

The list is much longer, and on top of this, engaged couples want their wedding to be different, something they can always lovingly remember through the years. In brief, it must be really special and unique to reflect their taste and personalities.

During the period of frenetic preparations, couples sometimes bicker over some choices. When emotions run high, they need a break and some professional counseling to survive the countdown to the big day. With the help of their families and friends, they can carry on with the ordeal of wedding preparations. If they can afford the services of a wedding planner, they can sit back and relax while the wedding specialist does the dirty job.

Avoiding The Pre-wedding Blues

Weddings can take a year or a month to prepare, depending on your budget and personal preferences. But whatever the length of time involved, engaged couples will be tested for their patience. During this time, expect emotions to flare up or the pre-wedding blues to rob a little excitement off over the prospect of tying the love knot.

The moment an engaged couple announces their wedding plans, the plot thickens and gathers momentum until the wedding day. Couples should take the precautions of planting their feet on the ground and get realistic about their goals. They should discuss things like budget and expectations honestly. The confusion and the squabbling start when couples fail to consult each other.

Before you set out to call a wedding planner or your family brigade, have a clear plan approved by both of you. When everything has been down to pat, outline everything to family members and friends called to pitch in. Match the tasks to the volunteer so everybody can do their jobs perfectly.

Delegating some responsibilities to selected friends and family members can take off a load off your shoulders and you can attend to details that need your personal supervision. Unloading some of the wedding preparations relieves you of the stress and gives you and your partner more time to be with each other and to enjoy each other’s company.

In the heady days of wedding preparations, you’ll have to attend social functions together. You don’t have to go to every party. Take some time off from the party scene and prepare yourselves physically, emotionally and financially for the most important event in your lives – your wedding day.