Pre-Wedding Arrangements For A Hindu Wedding

Indian weddings include a number of rituals both on the bride’s part as well as on the groom’s part. These ceremonies start a week earlier before the main day where the final knot is tied between the bride and groom. For these rituals to take place, pre wedding preparations are done so that everything is carried out smoothly as per the traditions.

First step, after the two families agreed upon the relation, is a grand announcement of the wedding, which is done by a formal engagement ceremony, inviting relatives & friends and exchanging good wishes for each others families. The main day of wedding is decided by the priest according to the astrological figures and horoscopes. Once the date has been decided, required preparations are commenced by both the families, including booking of a venue, caterers, music and entertainment bands, decorators, printing invitation cards, hiring a wedding organizer, if possible etc.

Deciding on a Wedding Venue

Once the date has been finalized by the two families, the search for a wedding venue starts, keeping in mind the number of persons expected. The busy wedding season doesn’t give any room to late comers, so you need to book the venue as soon as possible of your desired choice.

Finalizing the Caterers

The next step would be choosing a good caterer according to your taste and budget, thereby deciding upon the menu you want to serve on the big day.

Decoration of the Venue

Indian weddings are famous for their culture, tradition and their decoration. Hence, the next step would be to select a color theme, tent and stage design for the main event by discussing it with your service provider according to your pocket and choice.


The wedding season may be termed as the synonym for shopping. Every family member buys new attire for the wedding. Special attire is designed for the bride and the groom. Families share gifts and wishes at the time of Milni, (Both the families meet at the entrance on the main day) tradition that is quite popular in Hindu weddings.

Inviting Guests

The list of invitees is prepared, starting from relatives to friends, colleagues to bosses so that everyone comes and grants wishes to the bride and groom for their future. Cross check the list to make sure everyone is on the list.

Wedding cards

When the list is ready and you know the number of families to be invited, finalize on the wedding cards. Select the print of the card and the color combination of your choice. It basically depends on the budget which you have decided for the wedding cards. Based on the same the quality of paper for the card is determined and customized according to the requirement.

Destination Wedding Photography

Couples that are looking for something very different from their usual surroundings are now considering the option of a destination wedding package. Part of this package includes the services of a professional photographer. In the west these photographs are usually taken on the day during the ceremony, be it in a 13th century gothic church or a shimmering white sandy beach in Australia.

In Asia the phenomenon known as destination wedding photography has a slight twist. Instead of the photographs been taken on the wedding day they are usually taken weeks or months in advance of the big day. This fashion of shooting pre wedding photographs in exotic locations is more popular in Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Malaysia than anywhere else in the world.

Many Asian couples are looking for exciting romantic fairytale European towns and cities to have their pre wedding destination photographs taken.

Central and Eastern Europe offer an unparalleled choice of romantic fairytale settings. With centuries of history behind them cities like Budapest in Hungary, Prague in the Czech Republic, Vienna in Austria and Krakow in Poland have magnificent castles and cathedrals which provide the perfect backdrop for pre wedding photographs. Budapest in particular is a fantastic city at the heart of Eastern Europe; known as the Paris of the east it has an amazing array of architectural styles including gothic, baroque and art nouveau.

Aside from the photographer and assistant most overseas pre wedding photography packages include the services of a professional makeup artist. The makeup artist plays an essential role in insuring that the couples look their very best for their pre wedding photographs. Usually the bride and groom bring their own wedding clothes of choice for the shoot although some photography packages also include the option of hiring wedding dresses and suits from a local wedding specialist. However in the end it’s the professional photographer who’s the dream maker creating memories the couple will look back on and treasure for a lifetime.

I have recently begun shooting overseas pre wedding photographs mainly for the Asian market in Budapest Hungary and surrounding Central European countries. Budapest in particular offers couples unparalleled opportunities to shoot their dream like photos in numerous fairytale settings around the city such as at the Buda Castle, Fishermen’s Bastion, the Chain Bridge, the Parliament and the Freedom monument just to name a few. Couples who have had their pre wedding destination photographs shot in Budapest have all agreed that this beautiful city far exceeded their wildest expectations.

Pre Wedding Rituals in Malayalam Matrimony

Earlier marriage brokers visited houses where the family members were in search of a bride or groom for their son or daughter. During the visit, brokers try to understand the requirements of the girl or the boy and give details of prospective alliances that seem suitable to the parties concerned. But things have changed a lot in the past few years. Marriages are no longer fixed the traditional way these days. There are new ways to search for a bride or a groom.

Placing an advertisement in newspapers is one among them. Matrimonial columns in newspapers help in getting details of prospective brides & grooms. Some people also give advertisements in magazines.

Approaching marriage bureaus and gathering details on good proposals is also common today. There are online sites that do a wonderful service in this regard. Families can register on matrimony websites by giving their details and expectations for the bride or groom to be. One of the advantages of registering on these matrimony sites is one can search for specific requirements by giving search criteria and contact the parties directly.

After collecting a good number of proposals the elders of the family can contact the family members of the boy or girl and invite them to their house. It is generally the boy’s family who visits the girl’s house and convey their interest in going ahead with the marriage. If both the families are interested in the proposal then they start the pre-marriage ceremonies.

The bride’s family visits the groom’s house and fix the date of Nischayam (Malayalam word for engagement) and marriage. When fixing the date of marriage, the auspicious time called the Muhurtham is also decided. Exchanging of garlands and tying of the nuptial knot takes place at the specific Muhurtham time. Most of the families fix Muhurtham after consulting with a Thantri (Malayalee Hindu Priest) or an astrologer.

Matching of horoscopes
Before the Malayalee wedding, the horoscope of bride and groom is checked to determine the compatibility factor. It is done by an astrologer. Many astrological calculations are done and the astrologer conveys the result. Both the families agree to the marriage only if the horoscopes match.

Nischayam or the Engagement ceremony
Before marriage, the engagement ceremony is conducted. This ceremony is conducted at the ancestral house of the bride. It is kind of mini marriage function where close relatives of bride and groom participate. Announcement of marriage date and family details of bride and groom are done during this ceremony. Nischaya thaamboolam or the engagement thali is exchanged by the family of bride and groom and this officially indicates the fixing of the marriage. Some families also have the ring exchange ceremony. After the ceremony traditional feast is arranged at the venue.

Marriage day
On this day, relatives and friends of bride and groom are present at the venue. Garlands are exchanged between bride and groom. The groom ties a “thali” on bride’s neck and this symbolizes the starting of a life time relationship between them as husband and wife. In Hindu marriage tying of the nuptial knot takes place exactly at Muhurtham. According to Hindu philosophy, Muhurtham is considered as the most apt time to start a new relationship.

The newly married couple start a family life.

Wedding Planning Services – Plan Your Royal Dream Wedding

Millions of girls swooned and sighed when Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince William exchanged vows. While not all women are destined to marry a prince, this does not mean that you cannot have a royal wedding of your own. In order to achieve the grandeur or the atmosphere of a royal wedding, you need professional wedding planning services.

Planning a Wedding Takes Tons of Organisational Skills

Putting together a regal wedding requires a lot of project management skills. It’s not a walk in the park and quite a stressful process. Add this to pre-wedding jitters and you can easily become a frazzled bride.

Hiring professional wedding planning services frees a bride from the shackles of all the logistics and allows her to focus on the most important thing – and that is to enjoy the journey to the altar and enjoy the most important day in her life.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Needless to say, not all wedding venues are created equal. There are the obvious choices and there are well kept secrets only professional wedding planners know about. What professional wedding planners put on the table is a perspective in terms of wedding venues. For example, there are certain places that you would not consider as prospective venues if you were doing the planning all by yourself. Experienced wedding planners have creative eyes and you will be awed how they can transform a venue to the perfect place to say “I Do.”

Putting Together the Perfect Menu

Undeniably, food is one of the most crucial elements to the success of a wedding. By hiring professional wedding planning services, you are opening a door to an array of wedding catering options, which otherwise would have been inaccessible to you. One thing you have to understand about professional wedding planning services is that strong relationship with suppliers and vendors plays a central role. A professional wedding planner will have established relationships with the crème de la crème in the catering industry, people who are not readily accessible for everybody.

Finding the Perfect Flower to Make Love Truly Bloom

Contrary to popular belief, selecting wedding flowers is not just about putting together pretty things and that’s it. It’s far more complicated. For example, did you know that there are certain flower species that trigger allergies and there are those that are relatively hypoallergenic? Are you aware that different flower species have different wilting time frames? And do you know how to store and handle different flower species? Putting together beautiful wedding flowers is both an art and a science and those who are professional wedding planning services are experts in both.

Again, not every girl will work out of a church bearing a royal title with a tiara to boot. But definitely, you can have your own royal wedding by employing the right wedding planning services.