Wedding Beauty Tips

A bride-to-be certainly wants to be beautiful in her big day. This is her moment and she certainly wants to shine and want to be the most beautiful bride ever. So pampering one’s skin is one way to enhance your beauty. Here are some pre-wedding beauty tips that will help make you more attractive on your big day.

Take care of your nails and get a manicure and pedicure to make your nails look stunning. Light colors are best to match your white wedding dress.

Visit your dermatologist and relax and let your dermatologist pamper your skin so as to have a glowing healthy complexion. Having a facial massage or steam facial would be great. It kind of releases some tension as well as treating any skin care problem in the face.

A back facial is also important. Most bridal gowns expose the back and shoulder thus it’s a must to have treatments too in this area. Most salons have services including cleansing, toning and exfoliation.

Buying your own home facial spa and having one at home at your leisure time would be great. Will help you release some of the tension and stress brought about by the coming event. It is important that you are relax a day before your big day comes. Take a lot of rest and as much as possible refrain from thinking of the event to come. Just enjoy the day and pamper yourself with all those beauty regimens you have. Feel like a princess for once. You only experience this once in your lifetime.

Being beautiful doesn’t come on the outside only but most of all in the inside. A joyful and happy heart radiates that in your face and that what brings true beauty to a person. Be happy, confident as your big day is the beginning of a new life with your significant other.

Wedding Videography – Catching the Bride On That Special Day

Capturing the Bride on Her Special Day

I wanted to discuss the most important day of many women’s lives – her wedding day. It’s that same cliche we hear constantly but it is true, so many women plan this day for years, dream about that perfect day with the dress, the venue, the cake and of course (hopefully!) the perfect groom.

Each wedding is individual and the couple will create a day that reflects their personal tastes and ideas of romance. However whether it is a small intimate ceremony with close friends and family, or a huge celebration with hundreds of guests, there will always be strangers amongst the guests in the form the wedding media. Surrounded by loved ones there are the photographer (and in my case videographer) snuggled away between the guests desperately trying to capture the day. My job as the wedding videographer on paper is quite simple – to film the day and create a video that can be watched time and time again to revive the memories of the day.

There are many reasons why I think a wedding video is important – it can be shown to family and friends who could not present, it provides elements that simply cannot be caught in still photography and can be something very special in times of hardship to hear those vows, see those smiles and revive the memories of that day. I therefore take the job very seriously, and while everyone is laughing, smiling and sipping champagne, I am silently moving around the party like a ghost whispering through the venue to catch that moment. There is always that moment. For example… during the bridal preparations on a recent wedding shoot the aunt of the bride entered the room. I am a small independent film maker but I try to make sure I have enough memory on the CF cards to keep the cameras rolling 90% of the time. After studying documentary as a specialism at university you soon learn that you often catch the best footage when you don’t realise so KEEP THE CAMERAS ROLLING! And then grab one if there is even a hint of something interesting happening. In this case the young brides grandmother had recently passed.

The room was empty except the bride herself and a young bridesmaid whilst the other members of her party prepared themselves in the ornately presented, designated dressing rooms. The aunt handed the bride a very special keepsake, a handmade lace pouch that was made up from small sections of the all the dresses of the previous female family members wedding dresses, started by her grandmother. It was her something old and was attached delicately to her white rose and diamante bouquet. The moment was extremely touching, you really did have to be there, but with eyes welling with tears, mouth bursting wide with smiles and hearts full of loving memories it was a moment that the bride did not realise she would get to see again. However I was there, like a chameleon fading into the background, secretly filming these intimate moments, so that she could forever remember a moment that meant everything to her that morning. How rewarding for me to see her face light up at getting to watch the moments she thought were lost forever. How wonderful that she could enjoy that moment with her aunt, remembering her grandmother on her own in private and then share it afterwards with her family members. How individual is that moment…

Each bride is unique. And lets be honest whilst some grooms are very hands on and some enjoy being in the limelight – it is more often than not the bride who is the star of the show and therefore the wedding video. Each ceremony is special and I always do my best to capture their day perfectly but the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting, first dance tends to run smoothly and on a standard format and there are angles and edits that will always work best. The vows are romantic, tear jerking and beautiful where there is an air of genuine love, happiness and relief that is caught on the camera, in the twinkling of eyes, the twitching of fingers and shaking of hands, and the catch of words through smiles, sobs and singing.

It is easy on video to capture this, to let the emotions pour from the couple and the congregation and let the cameras roll and take it all in. The speeches run traditionally from father of the bride to groom to best men and maid of honour and everyone begins to relax and enjoy themselves. It makes for fabulous, fun shooting. I love being a part of it. However it really is the bridal preparations where I come into my element. This is where you capture that raw emotion pre-vows. My favourite fading end to a bridal preparation video was the bride with her legs shaking, taking deep breaths and holding her face in her hands. Why? Because she had been so nervous all morning. I had spent the morning watching, filming, capturing as her mother and bridal party fussed around her all morning, fixing shoes, tidying hair, draping shiny pearls, tiaras and veils over her while she tried to stop herself from dashing off to the bathroom.

She smiled politely, she went through the motions of her preparation, and then waited… She was quiet, reserved and absolutely stunning in her elegant, sleek white gown. The room emptied and she was left to wait for her father to escort her down to her new groom. Before I dashed down to the cameras set up for the ceremony I stayed, quietly, and just filmed. It was breath-takingly beautiful. My heart slowed, my hands sweated and my eyes found the shots. It was her, I captured her, and the genuine, desperate emotions that poured from her. It was stunning and the transition from her in this nervous, expectant state to her walking down that aisle, to seeing her groom there waiting for her, to him taking her hands and them making that first contact for 24 hours made for the most incredible footage. All that relief flowing like burst river of joy. The love that sparkled and glistened from her was outstanding and whilst I am there, just doing my job, I can’t help but feel that I am lucky to be in the presence of something special.

Weddings, and brides, like this are wonderful. They make editing a pleasure and I genuinely feel like I have created something special myself. It is not always this easy. Sometimes the bridal preparation is hectic. Busy women with hoards of silky materials, flurries of petals and an abundance of hair spray dipping in and out of shot. Being a female producer I do feel that I am in a privileged in being granted access as a woman to some of the more private and intimate preparations. It gives me a massive advantage – and even though I am not myself married – I feel like I can identify with the bride in a way that only another woman can.

I can never guess, in our pre-wedding consultation, what the bride will be like before her wedding. Some of the most confident women crumble and some of the demure brides turn their nerves into a comedy sketch. I love to capture them in the butterfly like transformation from normal to bride. Every videographer will have their own techniques and ideas on how to best film weddings. I enjoy discussing what makes the perfect wedding video. I personally think it is the pre-wedding footage. I have of course the bride – but the groom preparations can be equally emotional and entertaining. Thus far I have not had many opportunities to film the groom pre wedding but hope to in the future. The ceremony is magical, the post wedding celebrations are entertaining. The pre-wedding is genuine, uncensored. I treat it like documentary filming, almost fly-on-the-wall style. I want to see people open up, break down and transform. I let the events unfold in front of me without staging or interaction, I just make sure I am there, capturing it all on video. The whole process is mesmerising. I can not recommend highly enough to brides to be to have this service at the wedding, it is something you will not regret and never forget if you have it captured.

I would love to hear other film makers ideas on the subject as well as brides. I find it fascinating to film weddings; and i didn’t think I would, I thought it would just be a job. It is a much more intimate, and expressive process. I am creating something unique, special and lasting and I absolutely love being a part of each couples wedding day.

Ways to Electrify Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

You are engaged, which seemingly means it’s high time to accelerate your daily beauty routine. For a bride-to-be, desi wedding is all about wearing heavily embroidered embellished bridal wear, mesmerizing precious jewelry and loads of makeup to complement the fascination. To bear all this, you need to have that perfect glowing complexion, silky, healthy mane and vigor to carry all this with ultimate elegance and confidence. We’ve communicated to the pros and convene a list of tools that can help you look perfect before, during and after your big day. Let’s have a look.

– Plan Weekly Mani-pedi:

Since you get engaged, everybody is going to ask to see your engagement ring. Have your nails and hands primed and perfect with routine weekly manicures. In addition, also indulge yourself in pedicures to get relaxed and give your feet extra pampering.

Tip: Gel manicures employ UV technology for a solid, polished flawless nail. These manicures are a bit costly, but worth the price because of its long-lasting beautiful results.

– Professional Facials:

Your nuptials are an excellent excuse for some additional pampering. You will need to schedule monthly facials to rejuvenate your skin. This on one hand helps your skin look radiant and on the latter you will feel more serene and convinced.

Tip: Besides having a facial, you can also opt for extractions that will help you get rid of clogged pores, resulting in flawless skin and complexion.

– Eat Healthy:

If you can endure it, avoid using excessive sugar, sodium and processed, packaged foods as these all things lead to bloating and increased body fats. We would suggest you to switch your diet to some healthy alternatives such as salads and fruits and lots of water. In addition, also try to stay away from carb-enriched foods and fried items (French fries included) to look all slim and healthy at your big day.

Tip: Try to experiment as much as you can with your food to explore the healthiest choices. Instead of drinking plain water, you can also infuse some fruits and veggies into it to have added benefits.

– Work Out Religiously:

Nothing matches a regular workout routine for a firmer, toned body as well as energy boost. It also helps detoxing your skin and gives you a happier feel.

Tip: Instead of doing your workout at home, we would suggest you to join a gym as it will help you avail all the required equipment. In addition, exercising with other people is a great motivation too.

– Pay Attention to Little Details:

Your bridal makeover is something you’ve certainly planned since you got engaged. Besides having appointments with your hair and makeup stylist, make sure to give sufficient time to your overall beauty regime.

Perfect long lashes, silky, smooth hair, plump lips and bright white smile are important ingredients without which your final bridal look will not bloom. Instead of relying too much on salon services, try to look for natural options. You can start using castor oil for instance over your lashes or can include baking soda in you routine for brighter white teeth. Treat your hair with hot oil massage to have a healthier looking, soft hair.

– Take Supplements:

Prior your wedding, incorporating supplements in your routine is a good idea. Omega Fish Oil for example is excellent for the health of your skin, nails as well as hair. However, it will take couple of weeks to observe difference but take them, routinely.

So what are you waiting for? Take a cue from this post and plan your pre-wedding beauty regime now to look all beautiful and alluring at your big day. Happy Caring!

Pre-Wedding Pampering

One of the nicest things about being a bride is that you have the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. Talking a little time off for relaxation is also an excellent way to ease the stress and tension of planning a wedding. Be sure to schedule a few trips to your favorite spa for some pre-wedding pampering.

There are so many wonderful spa treatments available these days; every bride should indulge herself in at least a few of them. Many of the treatments will not only help you relax, but they can also help you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Body treatments are perfect for brides wearing strapless gowns. Try a seaweed wrap to detoxify and purify the skin, or an exfoliating scrub to restore a radiant glow. (Of course, do not try any new type of spa service the week of your wedding, in case of an adverse reaction.) If you are prone to “backne”, there are also many spas that offer “back facials”. Start on a regular course of treatments at least six months before your wedding to ensure nice clear skin for your big day.

Naturally, every bride wants her face to have a healthy glow, and there are many spa treatments aimed at achieving just that. Facials can range from very basic (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize) to moderate (add in extractions) to complete (microdermabrasion and chemical peels). If you are opting for the more involved type of facial, be sure that the esthetician is an expert. For the most noticeable results, treat yourself to monthly visits. After all, your face is always worth the investment!

Manicures and pedicures are another favorite form of pre-wedding pampering. Regular manicures are a necessary indulgence throughout your engagement, because you wouldn’t want chipped fingernails to distract from the beauty of your fabulous engagement ring. And pedicures, well, pedicures are just fun. Even if you will be wearing closed toed shoes for your wedding, you will still feel better knowing that the feet inside them are smooth and cute.

Another top pick by brides is a relaxing massage. When the stress of the wedding gets to be too much, retreat to the spa for an hour. You will come out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next task. A basic relaxing massage is Swedish massage, but there are also other types of massage to try. If you are prone to heavy duty knots in your shoulders, you might want to try a deep tissue massage. Be warned though: you will be sore afterwards! Hot stone massage is a great way to melt the tension right out of your body, and there is also Thai massage, and couples massage where you and your fiance can both get a rub down at the same time (done by one massage therapist per person).

Brides are not the only people who will enjoy some pampering at the spa before the wedding. Spa days are very popular for bridal parties as well. They can be a great alternative to a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Sometimes brides will also treat her bridesmaids to a pedicure as a special thank you before the wedding. Pedicure parties can also be held in someone’s home. The nail technician comes to your house, and the whole bridal party can enjoy pedicures while sipping Champagne.

A spa day is the perfect time to give your attendants their bridesmaid gifts. It could be fun to choose a gift that ties in with the theme of the spa, such as a personalized cosmetic bag. To make the gift even better, fill the bag with mini sized luxury lotions and a pair of Swarovski crystal bridesmaid earrings that she can wear at your wedding.

Every bride deserves a little pampering before her wedding. Indulge yourself in your favorite spa treatment at least a few times before your big day. You will gracefully glide into your wedding day feeling relaxed, serene, and beautiful.